SCAMPER analysis of RIM


Research in Motion (RIM) is a Canadian wireless  device company best known as the developer of the BlackBerry Smartphone. It has been pushing the boundaries of the wireless industry for more than 20 years. Beside that, it also develops integrated hardware, software and services to provide wireless access to time-sensitive information. Main products of RIM are  Blackberry, BlackBerry Enterprise & Inter@ctive Pager.

Research In Motion (RIM) is the company behind the BlackBerry® brand. The innovative and award-winning BlackBerry product line includes best-in-class smartphones, as well as software for both enterprises and small businesses.

The integration of BlackBerry smartphones and software provides mobile access to email, applications and more. It also allows virtual real-time communication, so you can stay in touch and up-to-date with the people and things that matter most.


Core Capabilities

Blackberry is smart phone which provides core capabilities such as wireless internet connection, 3G, unique trackball navigation function, QWERTY keyboard, Blackberry messenger, video, and camera. Blackberry users can access the Internet frequently in a variety of places. Internet access is available when Blackberry is connected to a local area Wifi, GSM or EDGE, 2G, and 3G. Unique trackball and QWERTY keyboard will make users more comfortable to use Blackberry as smart phone which have almost same function with computer. Blackberry messenger which have connection with internet will make BB users feel easier to have communication with Blackberry users community. Moreover, video and camera are entertainment facilities from Blackberry.

Network Partners, Value configuration, Value Proposition

Blackberry has some network partners to expand the business. The company tries to build value configuration for Blackberry products by developing software development, hardware development, service, and good brand positioning. Those factors are useful to develop Blackberry features by offering unique application, download themes, blackberry application, exclusive design, and good features to connect internet.

Customer Relationship and Distribution Channel

RIM always keep good customer relationship by providing Blackberry solution center and after sale service in several countries in the world. The company has distributed Blackberry products to electronic center around country in the world, and the company also has cooperation with some GSM provider in Indonesia.

Target Market

Finally, RIM targeted high-end with high mobility as their target market.


S: Substitute
Blackberry targeted high-end market, it can substitute by providing CDMA products for low-end market

C: Combine

Blackberry products only can use for GSM, it will be more efficient and profitable in the market if the products can provide for dual card which are GSM and CDMA.

A: Adapt

Adapt something good from other things will be good solution to increase market. We recommend Blackberry to adapt several features for iPhone, especially for music, video, and camera quality. iPhone provides better entertainment facilities than Blackberry does.

M: Modify
Recently, Blackberry design has been exclusive for high-mobility consumer. However, the size of Blackberry is still big enough which becomes problems for some people whom need simplicity.

P: Put to other purpose
One of the main purpose of Blackberry is high mobility of internet using. Blackberry can put entertainment purpose to complete functions which Blackberry offers to market.

E: Eliminate
We recommend Blackberry to eliminate trackball, and changes it to trackpad. Many Blackberry users has problems with trackball, therefore Blackberry may changes trackball with new technologies.

R: Reverse
Blackberry does market research before launching new products. It will be better if  Blackberry implements customized products to get more public attention

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